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Water Play

Below is a list of ideas for water play for your child and also resources for you to have a go at making!

Grab a tub and fill it with water and have fun with these water activities

·         Paint with water - Grab some real house paintbrushes and rollers and go to town painting

·         Make garden soup -. the children pick their own flowers before getting started on the “soup”.

·         Mix coloured water. This is a super simple activity - Set up just two colours, or add more for even more exploration.

·         Get out the paddling pool out and add some balls. 

·         Wash the toys! -  Grab some toys (dirty or not), add some soap, and get to washing. Great for indoors or out

·         Float some boats. Make this quick boat craft and the kids can spend the afternoon taking their boats out to sea.

·         Pour, pour, pour. pouring station lets the little ones transfer and pour water to their hearts’ content. Add colour to the water, along with different containers, to make it even more inviting.

·         Experiment with water. Add some toys to a tub of water and see which items sink and which float

·         Add colourful ice to water Watch as the ice melts into the rest of the water, the colours mixing to create new colours.

Playdough Recipes

Below is a range of recipes for making playdough at home and playdough mats!


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