What to do if you need support to care for your child

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs there is – it is also one of the hardest.

Most parents want to do their best for their children but for many, living with disadvantage can severely compromise their ability.  Poverty, unsuitable and insecure housing, domestic violence, lone parenthood, and being a young parent can all disrupt a parent’s ability to cope, and families under stress need extra support.  Even without any of these factors present, sometimes a little help can go a long way in helping us to cope with the pressures of parenthood.

Parenting Facts

  • 61% of British parents describe parenting as ‘fairly’ or ‘very difficult’.
  • 94% of parents say it is helpful to talk to another person about parenting problems.

If you are a parent/carer and you think you could benefit from additional support in caring for your child, you have a number of options.
First of all – please feel free to talk to someone at school.  We have a wealth of knowledge about local support services and we can signpost or refer you to the right place.  Sometimes, all a parent/carer needs is someone to listen to them and to tell them they are doing it right.  To contact a member of staff in school, please call us using our Contact Us page or email one of our Education Caseworkers in confidence at welfare@wilbrahamprimary.com. 

You may find it useful or necessary to access support from external agencies who can offer support and guidance for you as a parent/carer.

EHA (Early Help Assessment)

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An EHA is used as an early tool of support which will involve working with other professionals to help a child/family achieve their outcomes.

A multi-agency approach involves working collaboratively with professionals and sharing information, to ensure our families specific needs are identified and that they are referred and signposted to the right services.

Successful multi-agency working can improve the impact of support provided for vulnerable families.  We recognise the benefits of multi-agency working as we know it can help ensure families do not go unrecognised.

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