Year 6 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Year 6!

There are 3 classes in Year 6; Class 6B, Class 6E and Class 6M. The teachers are Miss Beattie (6B), Mr Eccles (6E) and Mrs Morrison (6M). Supported by Miss Ringwood, Mrs Wright and Mr Hutchinson. The teaching assistants also working with us are; Miss Galyna, Miss Guinnane and Rex.

Spring 2 we are learning:


  • Poetry and Persuasion linked to our world book day book 'Lots'.


  • Types of sentences ( questions, exclamations, commands and statements).
  • Using semi colons and colons correctly.
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Year 3,4,5 and 6 spelling revision.
  • Using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.


  • Adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions.
  • Finding common denominators.
  • Equiavalent fractions.
  • Dividing and multiplying fractions by whole numbers.


  • Answering inferential questions.
  • Using evidence from the text to support answers.
  • Answering author's choice questions.
  • Commenting on language choice and its impact on the reader.

Design Technology

  • Tasting bread from around the world.
  • Weighing out ingredients, following a recipe, kneeding and proving dough.
  • Designing our own bread by adding healthy ingredients.
  • Evaluating our bread products.

History- Kings and Queen: what difference do they make?

  • Kings and Queens from now and the past.


  • Using a compass
  • Reading six figure grid references.
  • Finding bearings on a map.
  • Using a map and compass to orienteer.


  • Learning the Haka dance.
  • Learning the haka chant.
  • Adapting the moves from the Haka to choreograph our own.

PSHE- Being Healthy

  •  How to recognise early signs of physical or mental ill-health andwhat to do about this, including whom to speak to in andoutside school.
  • That health problems, including mental health problems, can buildup if they are not recognised, managed, or if help is not sought
    early on.
  • That anyone can experience mental ill-health and to discussconcerns with a trusted adult.
  • That mental health difficulties can usually be resolved ormanaged with the right strategies and support.

Science- Classification

  • Use scientific vocabulary assosiated with classification.
  • Classify animals such as: mammals, molluscs, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans.
  • Linnaean classification.
  • Grouping animals.
  • Creating an animal.


  • Exploring beat and syncopation through a song and body percussion.
  •  Developing co-ordinationand rhythm skills.
  • Performing a rhythmic sequence to a piece of music.
  • Exploring rhythm through dance.
  • Combining different rhythms.
  •  Exploring ways ofcombining and structuring rhythms through dance.

RE- Religion Focus: Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam.

  • Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?


  • Designing and making a more complex program.
  • Using functions.
  • Flowcharts and control simulations.
  • Create a game.


Spring 1 we are learning:

  • Writing - Evaluation Text & Narritive
  • Reading - Completing a reading detectives programme focusing on key skills to help with understanding.  We are also preparing for our SATs reading papers
  • Maths - focus on the four operations (addition/subtraction/division/multiplication) and problem solving. 
  • Science - Investigating the human circulatory system. 
  • History - Islamic Golden Age
  • Geography- Trade Around the World
  • RE - What do religions say when times get hard?
  • Computing - We are Publishers
  • Arabic - Greeting People
  • PE - Skipping and Tennis
  • Art - Islamic Art 
  • Music - Steel Pans
  • PSHE - Keeping safe in the community.
  • P4C- focusing on British Values.

Things to Remember

  • Our PE Days are Monday and Friday. PE kit must be in school on these days.
  • Please bring a re-usable water bottle to have in class. 


  • Timestables Rockstars 
  • My Maths 
  • Learn at least 2 new Arabic words each week.
  • Reading at home  

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