Reception 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Reception!

There are 3 classes in Reception -

Class RR - Miss Rigby, Class RN - Miss Newton (Mon - Thurs) and Mr Williams (Fri)  and Class RL - Miss Lindsay.

Teaching assistants who also work with us are Miss Hadfield, Miss Roczniak, Miss Poulton and Miss Zahra.

Please look at our long term plan to see what we will be doing over the next year. We are going to have lots of fun!


Autumn 1- Friendship

Over the next half term we are going to be focussing on settling in, getting to know our new friends and teachers and learning new routines. 

Communication & Language

We will be learning to listen to others 1-1 and in small groups for short periods of time. We will be listening to lots of stories, rhymes and songs; and will be learning to engage with these by joining in.  We will also be focussing on following simple instructions throughout the day. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be taking part in lots of circle times to discuss our feelings and learn to identify emotions. Through play, we will begin to share and compromise with others, building strong relationships. We will be gaining independence by learning to put our coats and shoes on independently. We will be building our confidence as we try new activities and learn to play in our classrooms. 

Physical Development

We have access to the outdoor area throughout the day. We will develop and practise fundamental movement skills such as rolling, jumping, running, hopping and climbing.  We will begin to learn how to use equipment safely indoors and outdoors. We will learn to hold our pencils correctly and practise writing our names. 


Our phonics lessons will begin by focussing on building our listening skills as we engage in lots of games and activities.

The literacy text we will be focussing on is Hello Friend by Rebecca Cobb. 

We will also be learning key book skills; such as reading from left to right and knowing the difference between the front and back of a book.


We will be developing a deep understanding of numbers within 4. This includes subitising (knowing how many without counting) within 3, developing our 1-1 correspondence when counting a group of objects and understanding that the last number spoken gives the number in the entire set (the cardinal principle). 

Understanding the World

We will be talking about ourselves and our families. We will talk about who we live with and how families can be different. 

Expressive Arts and Design

Through play, we will have plenty of opportunities to explore painting, cutting and sticking, drawing and junk modelling. During group activities, we will explore musical instruments and dance.  In Art, we will be focusssing on drawing self-portraits as we learn to draw with some detail. 


Things to remember...

Book bags 

Please make sure the children bring their book bags to school EVERYDAY. At the minute, children are only taking a reading for pleasure book home with them. This is a story book that is to be shared and enjoyed at home with their families. These can be changed as often as the children like.

Once the children start taking home a school reading book, their book bag needs to be in school everyday so that their teachers can read with them at any given opportunity. 

PE days

RN (Miss Newton/Mr Williams) - Monday and Thursday

RR (Miss Rigby) - Monday and Tuesday

RL (Miss Lindsay) - Monday and Friday


Please make sure that children come to school on their PE days in their PE kits.







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