Year 5 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Year 5!


There are 3 classes in Year 5; Class 5S, Class 5G and Class 5M.  The teachers are Miss Salt (Class 5S), Miss Gee (Class 5G) and Miss McKibben (Class 5M).  Also working in our year group are Miss McAdam, Ms Barlow and Mr Tawil.

Autumn Term 1 We Are Learning About: 


Character description linked to our reading. 

Non-chronological reports linked to our science topic of Earth and Space.



We are using the school ERIC system of learning skills in reading. 

E = Explaining

R = Retrieving details from a text or image / picture book

I = Interpreting and Inferring detail and deeper meaning from reading

C = Choice - exploring the authorial intention in writing, art and film.

We are reading a range of texts, incuding novels, short stories, poems and picture books.


We are learning about decimals of tenths (0.1) and hundredths (0.01) and how these relate to fractions and physical representations. 

We will also be looking at money in a range of contexts. 


We are looking at Earth and Space - specifically at our solar system, the planets and how our earth works: day and night, seasons etc


 We are looking at sketching and shading and light in our art work.


We are exploring the language used to communicate both through technology and through history. 

History and Geography:

We are going to be looking at local history and how the area has changed and key figures who have helped this. 


We are looking at What it Means to be A Muslim in Britain Today. 


We are thinking about what makes up our identity

MFL:  Arabic

We are learning to exchange greetings and simple conversations. 


Basic skills in gymnastics - jumps, rolls and balances

Swimming  - ongoing skills and developing water confidence


Things to Remember: 

Gym - Thursdays - come in your gym kit with your school jumper over the top. 

Swimming - Fridays - wear your swimming costume under your clothes. Remember your towel and clean underwear. 



While we do not give out weekly homework, we do expect the children to learn their times tables to 12x12 by heart for instant recall. We also ask that the children are encouraged to read and write for pleasure and love to hear about this! There are books that the children can borrow from the class reading area. 

We always encourage home learning if the children want to explore our topics further in their own time and love seeing their work!





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