Year 5 2022 - 2023

Welcome to Year 5!


There are 3 classes in Year 5; Class 5S, Class 5G and Class 5M.  The teachers are Miss Salt (Class 5S), Miss Gee (Class 5G) and Miss McKibben (Class 5M) - although Miss McKibben is currently on maternity leave so Ms Ennis-Kahn is teaching 5M.  Also working in our year group are Ms Toft, Ms Guinane, Ms Barlow and Mr Tawil.

Spring Term 1: We Are Learning About: 


Classic Narrative Poetry - The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

Narrative Writing - creating tension and suspense

Writing to persuade



This half term we will be looking at a range of text extracts that link to different themes. These will include novels, reviews, visual texts and songs. We will be focusing on the ERIC skills that we use and how we should respond to questions to show our understanding. 

E = Explain

R = Retrieve 

I = Interpret / infer

C = Choices

We will also be looking at reading fluency and reading for pleasure. 


We will be looking at multiplication and division - exploring what this looks like and how we can reason about the methods we use to solve problems and equations. 


Earth and Beyond - we will be learnign about the earth, sun and moon and how day/night and seasons relate to the earth and it's journey around the sun. 

We will also contine to explore the different elements of scientific enquiry and continue to ask questions.


We will be looking at how to mix colours using different medium and also looking at how artists use different techniques to create colour through mixing in their art.  


We will be looking at how to use computers to create 3d models. 


We will be looking at settlements and why humans have chosen to settle in specific areas. We will be looking an natural and man made features of geography and exploring how places are connected. 


Looking at Christianity, our key questions are: What would Jesus Do? Can we live by the values of Jesus in the 21st Century?


We will be looking at how we can help in an emergency. This will cover safety, calling emergency services and some simple first aid 

MFL:  Arabic

We will be continuing our conversational Arabic and also learning how to write the alphabet corresponding to different sounds. 


Gymnastics - we will be working in pairs and small groups to explore linking movements over and under both each other and apparatus. We will look at how to create a series of moves which flow and concentrate on the beginnings and ends of routines. 

Things to Remember:

Our Gym lessons will be on a Tuesday afternoon - so wear your PE kit to school and remember to wear your school jumper on top

Swimming - Fridays - wear your swimming costume under your PE kit. Remember your towel and clean underwear.

Please do not allow your child to wear jewellry to school. Earrings should be small studs as these are safer when the children are active. 

Despite being in appropriate PE clothing on the days when we have PE, we still expect the children to be smart and expect them to wear their usual school jumper / cardigan over their kits. Please respect the school 'no hoody' rule - thanks.



While we do not give out weekly homework, we do expect the children to learn their times tables to 12x12 by heart for instant recall. We also encourage the children to read regularly to someone at home and talk about their books. We encourage reading for pleasure and allowing the children to read texts that they find interesting and enjoyable. 

We always encourage home learning if the children want to explore our topics further in their own time and love seeing their work!

Book bags:

Every child has a book bag of their own which they keep their reading book inside. This book bag and book needs to be brought into school everyday, we expect children to read this book to an adult at home at least 3 times per week or everyday if possible. 

Year 5 will change their reading books every THURSDAY






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