Leave of Absence in Term-Time

Following Government regulations, school will no longer be able to authorise holidays during term-time. This means the Headteacher has no choice but to refuse any applications for holidays.  Parents/carers should only apply for time away from school in exceptional circumstances only.  If parents/carers take their child out of school for holidays without prior written consent from the Headteacher, we have been instructed to enter this in the registers as unauthorised.

Parents/carers must not book any holidays or flights during time-time as all holiday requests will be declined and your child's absences will be recorded as unauthorised.

Parents/carers need to be aware that if they take their child out of school without written agreement from the Headteacher then you may receive a penalty notice fine. For further information on penalty notices and prosecutions, please see our What the Law Says page of our website.

We realise that this may cause concerns for some of our parents/carers and that cost is one of the reasons that requests are made for holidays during term-time, however absences from school impact on children's learning.  Children at Wilbraham Primary School are expected to maintain an attendance percentage of 96% or above.

We appreciate that this will be unwelcome news for many of you, but we are subject to Government Regulations.

If you believe that you have an exceptional circumstance and require a leave of absence in term-time, then you can contact our Attendance Team, via our Contact Us page or alternatively you can email our Attendance Team at m.shawcross@wilbrahamprimary.com 


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