Support and Monitoring Systems

Wilbraham Primary recognises that poor attendance is often an indication of difficulties in a child's life. This may be related to things that may be happening at home, in the community or in school. Parents/carers should make school aware of any difficulties or changes in circumstances that may affect their child's attendance and/or behaviour in school, for example; bereavement, divorce/separation, incidents of domestic abuse, etc.  This will help the school identify any additional support that may be required.

The school also recognises that some pupils are more likely to require additional support to attain good attendance, for example, those pupils with special educational needs, those with physical or mental health needs, migrant and refugee pupils and looked after children.

The school will implement a range of strategies to support attendance.  Strategies used may include discussions with parents/carers and pupils; Attendance Panels; Parenting Contracts; referrals to support agencies, friendship groups, time limited part-time timetables; reward systems; additional learning support; inclusion units.

Our BRAG (Blue, Red, Amber, Green) Monitoring System

We are committed to raising attendance and will work with all parents/carers to help their child achieve the best from their education through good attendance.

Wilbraham Primary has adopted a new method of tracking and monitoring attendance.  This new method is called the BRAG (Blue, Red, Amber, Green) system.  Each of the four colour's identify where your child is in relation to their attendance.

The description of the colour stages are as follows:

BLUE STAGE (99% TO 100%)

If your child falls within the Blue stage, your child is maintaining excellent school attendance and no action is required. Your child's attendance will be celebrated in school and they will be rewarded for their excellent efforts with their school attendance.

GREEN STAGE (96% TO 98.9%)

If your child falls within the Green stage, your child is maintaining good school attendance and no action is required. Your child's attendance is above our expected school target of 96% and this will be celebrated in school.

AMBER STAGE (90.1% TO 95.9%)

If your child falls within the Amber stage, your child has dropped below our school target for attendance and improvements must be made. Your child's attendance will be monitored closely to ensure that improvements are made. You may be asked to come into school to discuss your child's attendance to see if there are ways that school can help you to improve their attendance to ensure that it does not decline further.


If your child falls within the Red stage, your child is then classed as a Persistent Absentee and immediate improvements must be made before statutory action is taken.  This means that there has been no significant improvements in your child's attendance and you will be asked to come into school to discuss your child's attendance.  If your child's attendance continues to fall at this stage and there are no signs of improvement, you may face statutory action from the Local Authority.  For further information regarding the statutory action that may be taken, please see our What the Law Says page.

At the end of each half term, every parent/carer will receive a BRAG notice for their child so that they are up to date with where their child falls on our BRAG monitoring system.

We hope that you find our new BRAG system informative and supportive with regards to your child's school attendance and we hope that you share our continued commitment towards school attendance at Wilbraham Primary School.

Who can I contact if I need support?

If you need help to support your child's attendance, you should contact school as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and any issues you may be having.  Staff in school will assist you in trying to resolve any issues affecting your child's attendance at school, they may also be able to get some help from other support services or agencies that can assist you.

Support and guidance on attendance is always available from our school.  If you would like to discuss your child's attendance, please do not hesitate to contact our Attendance Team, via our Contact Us page or alternatively an email at 

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